Synthetic Sweat
DIN EN ISO 105-E04


Content: 1 liter

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Syn­the­tic Sweat DIN EN ISO 105-E04 - aci­dic solu­ti­on
/ This syn­the­tic sweat has a pH-value of 5,5 ± 0,2.

This arti­fi­ci­al sweat is manu­fac­tu­red with regard to cur­rent, stan­dar­di­sed manu­fac­tu­ring pro­ces­ses pur­suant to DIN ISO 105-E04. The ful­ly syn­the­tic sweat imi­ta­ti­on is app­li­ca­ble to tes­ting pro­ce­du­res in the tex­ti­le indus­try as well as to deter­mi­ne colour fast­ness and colour authe­ti­ci­ty of tex­ti­les and com­mo­di­ties of all kind. This syn­the­tic sweat also con­forms to aci­dic solu­ti­ons from EN ISO 11641:2012 and in that con­text is used to deter­mi­ne colour fast­ness in lea­ther pro­duc­ts (ISO 11641:2012). It also com­plies with the necessa­ry aci­dic solu­ti­on for tests accord­ing to auto­mo­ti­ve stan­dard BMW GS97045.

Syn­the­tic cus­to­mi­zed solu­ti­ons: Our core com­pe­ten­ces are the indi­vi­du­al pro­duc­tion of syn­the­tic simu­lants and test fluids, as well as the exten­si­ve con­sul­ta­ti­on of our custo­mers. We design our pro­duc­ts spe­ci­fi­cal­ly with regard to your pro­fes­sio­nal needs.

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